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Allen Morris Professor of History
Florida State University

Dr. Andrew K. Frank is an award-winning author and teacher who has taught and lectured across the country on issues related to Florida, the American South, and Native Americans. He is the author and editor of 11 books and several dozen journal articles, book chapters, and other publications. He has received research grants and fellowships from the American Philosophical Society, American Historical Association, Newberry Library, Huntington Library, and other institutions. He has participated in the Florida Humanities Council Speakers Series for more than a decade.

He has also served as an expert witness in legal cases related to Native American culture and as a consultant for museums, historic societies, state/national parks, chambers of commerce, and other organizations.

He is currently finishing two books. One explores the history of the Florida Seminole Indians from their origins to the present, and the other examines the memory of Osceola and its connection to the American abolitionist movement.

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