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Andrew K. Frank is an award-winning teacher who has been teaching at universities since 1996. He has taught at Florida State University since 2007. Before that, he held teaching positions at Florida Atlantic University, University of Florida, California State University, Los Angeles, and the University of Massachusetts. In December 2014, his teaching of Seminole history was reconized in a feature article in the Washington Post.


He has also led and participated in many trainings for secondary school teachers. For more information, click here.

Graduate Courses at FSU

American South

Early American Readings
Historical Methods

History of Florida

Indians in Early America

La Florida

Native American History

Seminole History
Southeastern Ethnohistory​


Undergraduate Courses at FSU

History of Florida

History of Seminoles and the Southeastern Indians

Indians and the United States 
Indians of the Southeast 

Making Chief Osceola

Senior Seminar: American Indians 
Senior Seminar: Seminole Wars 
Senior Seminar: Indians and Tourism 
Seminole History ​

Other Courses Taught

American Revolution

American Slavery

American South

Colonial South

Creek and Seminole History

Florida Since 1845

History of Florida

History of the Caribbean
Indians in Early America

Indian Peoples of North America

Old South

World Civilization 1
Race and Ethnicity in Early America

Research and Writing (Graduate)Spanish Borderlands in North America (Graduate)

Seminole History

Southeastern Indians

US 1607-1763:  Colonial America

US 1763-1815:  The Era of the American Revolution

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